“It was a joke, Daddy Lumba isn’t my father”- Efia Odo.

Television and radio personality Efia Odo gets close to winning joker of the year award. So in a video that was posted on instagram, Efia Odo was being interviewed and she was asked who her father is. In replying the question Efia Odo said that hip life legend Daddy Lumba is her father.

It’s not surprising that her statement got into the media so quickly because previously, someone also made noise about being Daddy Lumba’s child and that claim got the attention it deserved so why wouldn’t her statement receive the same attention?

Anyway Efia Odo has made it clear that she isn’t the daughter of Daddy Lumba and that she was only joking in the interview.

In a tweet she said” Bloggers in gh, so someone can’t make a joke again!!! I said daddy lumba is my dad and it was a joke, now y’all have gone to make it a story…”

Well, now we know who wins Joker of the year at the Oscars.

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