“Years to come my name will go down in history as a hero”- Shatta Wale

Our very “favourite” Gringo hit maker, Shatta Wale tells the world the legend he is. Shatta Wale, dancehall artiste, was recently online throwing shades (as usual) at other Ghanaian artistes. His comments caused some shallow controversy on social media and later died off.

But that is not why you are reading this piece, here is why: Shatta Wale posted a very controversial message on Instagram about himself. In the post he referred to himself as the hero of Ghana Music Industry. He confidently stated that he will be known as the “hero with the big mouth that saved the music industry of Ghana from the hands of other music markets” (if he means by swallowing that’s quite understandable – no hating though.)

He continued to talk about the positive things he has done for Ghana including changing the kind of songs played on TV/ radio.

Charles Nii Armah most sketch artist in the history of Ghana music. He’s so influential that every artisan wants to try their hands on his image. 21 Gun salute to The Living Legend Shatta waleeeeeee! paa paaaa paaa

I can’t tell where he got his statistics from i.e “most sketch artist” , but we do need some people to turn our music industry around, hopefully Shatta Wale will be one of them.


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