Kuami Eugene blows over Ghc100k on Luxury watches.

While some of us ( probably, including you) can only afford watches a bit above $50 (Ghc250), Rockstar, popularly known Kuami Eugene just pulled some high end pressure. The Lynx Entertainment signee who shot to fame about 2 years ago just decided to end 2018 on “heavy notes”.

Kuami Eugene has experienced quiet an amount of trolling on social media for his “poor” sense of fashion. Apparently the talented singer has made none of those trolls get to him and keeps on proving them wrong.

It’s not of Kuami Eugene to post on social media some of his invaluable possessions but he has done otherwise this time. A Patek Phillipe Luxury Watch isn’t something an average person will spend money on, on a normal day. Well Kuami Eugene proves that he isn’t an average person as he showed on instagram his newly bought Patek Phillipe Luxury Watch. According to some research I did, the lowest price for a Patek Phillipe watch costs around $20,000, yes a whooping $20,000(let’s not even convert that to Ghana Cedis).


He didn’t just get himself only that, he added a Vacheron Constatin Dragon Watch. This watch also costs quite a large amount of money.

Vacheron Constantin Dragon Watch

All this was a way of thanking God and his fans for making his dreams come true and having a successful year. He also added that his mum will be angry if she knew the price of these watches ( well goodluck to him on hiding the price).


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