“I did not say what we need is dictatorship”- Sarkodie


Award winning rapper Sarkodie has cleared the air about statements he made that were misunderstood. The rapper went on a rant on twitter to talk about the state of the country and how worse things could get.

In one of the posts, the rapper tweeted that “what we need at this point might seem like dictatorship and will feel uncomfortable since we have enjoyed temporal freedom for a minute but we need drastic measures to survive”.

After Sarkodie tweeted this, he was attacked on social media for assuming that the only way Ghana can be redeemed and developed is if we have a dictatorial government. Ghanaians didn’t take the comment lightly at all because it was a dangerous statement.

In an interview on  Daybreak Hitz with Andy Dosty, Sarkodie said  what he said was “what we need at this point might seem like dictatorship” and didn’t say what we needed was dictatorship as put by some media outlets and bloggers.

“I’m not saying we need dictatorship; somebody coming to put guns on us and saying if you don’t do this I’ll kill you and all that. It is just laws that we need to abide with. We are getting away with a lot of things which is really pushing us back” he told Andy.

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