US-based lady claims Shatta Wale defrauded her off $45,000.


According to a video that surfaced online from, a US-based lady supposingly called Emmanuella Ofori talks about how Dancehall king, Charles Nii Armah, popularly known as Shatta Wale defrauded her off $45,000.

Acccording to the video the lady said she was about to get married and wanted it to be a memorable one and so reached out to Shatta Wale through his Facebook page for him to come and perform at her wedding. The two started talking and even exchanged contacts to continue talking on Whatsapp.

The lady claims Shatta Wale all of a sudden told her that he needed to transfer his money in his UK bank accounts to his U.S banks accounts and so he needed her help. She added that Shatta Wale told her not to pay the requested money to his record label Zylofon Media.

Interestingly, she sent the money to Shatta Wale and on receiving the money he blocked her on all his social media and even sold the phone to a Nigerian to make the whole issue look like a scam from someone in Nigeria.

Also in the video, the woman played a supposed conversation she had with Shatta Wale about their deal and claims that she has evidence to suppose her claims.But if my ears are working properly the voice supposed to be Shatta’s sounds nothing like his.

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