Offset only wants Cardi B back as his birthday present.


Offset of Migos turned 27  on friday and he has only one birthday wish. Offset who has one child with rapper Cardi B wants her and their baby, Kulture, back as his birthday present.

Cardi B stated in an instagram post that she’s been trying to work things out with her husband but things haven’t been working out for the two and so she eventually had to leave the rapper.

“I’ve been trying to work things out with my baby’s father for a hot minute now. We’re really good friends and we’re really good business partners … but things just having been working out between us for a long time,” Cardi, said on Instagram.

“And it’s nobody’s fault, I guess we just grew out of love, but we’re not together anymore,” she continued. “It might take time to get a divorce.”

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In a video Offset posted on instagram on his birthday, he begged Cardi B to return to their home together with their daughter. He apologised for embarrassing her and breaking her heart. He also stated that he’d been a selfish husband and that he regrets being that.

After Cardi had left Offset, he got all emotional and shared with his 1.59million followers on twitter that he misses his wife. “F*CK Y’ALL I MISS CARDI”, he tweeted.

Offset only wants his family back together as his birthday wish and it’s up to Cardi to make that wish come through .

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