Davido risks going to jail for threatening Nigerian blogger.

Nigerian superstar Davido risks going to jail for threatening a Nigerian blogger over twitter.


“If you and your father have the guts, in fact add your mother, come back to Nigeria. Bastard! Fuck it, come to Africa, you will see @AyoJaguda” a certainly furious Davido tweeted. Davido’s response was to the Nigerian blogger, Ayodeji Jaguda, who called his latest song “trash” and accusing him for buying views on youtube.

His latest song” Wonder Woman” is a song that celebrates women and how undeniably important their role is in society. Davido out of gratitude took to social media to thank his fans and viewers of the video for making it reach over a million views within a short period of 24 hours after its release. “Originality always wins; thanks guys. Big up to all wonder women worldwide; 1 million views sharply,” he said.

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Jaguda, the Nigerian blogger then accused Davido of buying views from youtube and also called the video trash.  “One million views already? Yesterday it was a hundred and fifty. The song is trash, the video got fair replay value but as it climbed to 1 million views in 24 hours is bursting my head. All of you should continue buying views online, as long as it’s your money.” He said.

Apparently Jaguda didn’t take the threat lightly and has already informed his lawyers about the threats from Davido.

In a reply to the threats he said, “My personal opinion is what triggers you. You could have blocked me or said it a better way. You insulted my parents and threatened my life. I have munched this and sent to my lawyers, and also we have same passports so if anything happens to me it’s on you.”

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