Meet new talented rapper making waves, Rudeman.

Creativity and talent is definitely the future for youngsters. The ability to master your craft and control it to create an income stream for yourself is very important. Many young Ghanaians have started digging in to find their talents and blow with it. And Ghanaian China based rapper, Rudolph Kofi Amewu, popularly known as Rudeman(which also goes as his stage name) is an exceptional example.


The 19 year old rapper released his first song in 2016 titled “The Handle” which was produced and mixed by Grind day hitmaker, Kwesi Arthur, in a studio called XLC studio in Tema. The rapper has 6 songs to his credit with the latest being ‘Accelerate’ featuring his brother Lil Gee.


In a short discussion with Rudeman, he stated that his aims in relation to music are to be on top of his game, top charts, make beautiful music for everyone to relate to and also make money of course.

This December, Rudeman would be dropping his EP and it’s going to be a sure banger. He thanks everyone who’s supported him to come this far and says we should expect more from him. You can follow him on the various social media; Instagram @guaporudeman, Twitter @ AmewuR.

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