5 exams hacks to help you prepare for any test.


We all know how it feels when that time approaches. When you have about 4 books on your table, yet you’re not reading anything. When you spend 4 hours trying to cram 4 months of academic work. When you suddenly remember God and pray 4 times every 60 seconds. Yeah we all know how it feels. Sometimes you feel like you’ve done enough but your enough is so not enough.

We’ve all seen exam tips and dos and donts for exam. Some don’t really apply to us realistically, so here are some quick ideas on how to ace that test with ease.

1. Start ahead of time:.

Cramming leads to shallow-processing instead of deep processing. So you are sure to forget everything immediately after the exam.

2. Ask questions.

Seek information from everyone be it your friend, teacher or class rep. Interactive learning helps as opposed to reading alone.

3. Sleep.

This sounds silly but it’s the best advice during exam period. Scientists still do not fully understand why sleep
is so important for brain function, but it is
known that sleep is important in the
consolidation of memory.

4. Do what you can do.

Focus on your strengths and ignore your flaws. Answer as many, correctly, as you can and leave the rest. Play by the rules of the exam.

5. Avoid after-exam pressure.

Yeah you’ll make mistakes but learn to accept, correct and rise above your mistakes. Exert all your energies into the next paper or the next class.

With these you should be good to go and ready for any test coming your way. Do put them into use and see great effects afterwards. Good luck on that test!!

Written by :Joseph Sambo. 

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