5 Wardrobe Essentials You Must Have |Men.


Being indecisive on what you should have in your wardrobe? Or maybe you’re low on budget and scared of spending money wastefully on clothes you might not even wear? Don’t worry almost everyone goes through that and so I’ve gathered a few essentials your wardrobe must contain. With these you’re ready for any occasion.  Let’s get started already!!!!!!.


1. White Long Sleeves. 

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You should definitely have a pair of white long sleeves in your wardrobe. It’s versatility makes it easy for you to blend with any kind of trousers. It also gives you an official look when you feel like having that executive look *wink*.

2. A pair of Jean’s. 

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It’s an incomplete wardrobe if you don’t have a couple of jeans in it. You could have jeans of different colours to suit your taste. A pair of Denim Jeans or Balmain might not be so bad at all. Just make sure you have a pair to make you look classic.

3. A Classic Blazer. 

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You know there’s always that time you got to look official? Yes, when the time comes you’ll need a blazer to save you. Blazers could go over white tees or some long sleeves. They also come in different colours.  Add it to your wardrobe to make it complete.

4. Right pair of accessories.

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Having the right pair of accessories to match your outfit would really help. A watch perhaps, or bracelets or even if you’re a fan of jewellery you could add on a ring and a necklace just to make you look complete and sexy!!!.

5. Sneakers.

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You can’t be a guy and not have a pair of sneakers. This is a must in every wardrobe. They could go with a pair of shorts or a pair of jeans.  Know what you feel comfortable in and go for it. Personally I roll with Balenciaga, Huraches, Old School Vans and a few others.

Okay that was it for the men’s essentials. Note that these are just a few of what should be in your wardrobe and that there are other essentials you must have. Watch this space for my next article on essentials ladies must have in their wardrobes.  Well, thanks for reading, do remember to leave a comment on whether this article was helpful. 

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