Fuse ODG calls for Ghanaians to wake up.

Ghanaian UK based artiste, Fuse ODG seems to be sensitive over the reaction of Ghanaians concerning the visit of The Royal Family, Prince Charles and Dutchess Camilla to Ghana.


In a video, the Million Pound Girl hit maker spoke about how irrational it is for Ghanaians to make a fuss about the visit. He made mention that any Royal family in Ghana does not receive that much praise when they visit a foreign country and so it was sad for Ghanaians to make “noise” about the visit.

He said that this inferiority complex Ghanaians unconsciously display must stop and that it isn’t the right thing the future leaders of Ghana should be thought.

This could be a nice attempt by the musician who has been always representing the African continent outside to educate Ghanaians and Africans at large about the importance of being proud of the African heritage.

Fuse ODG made waves with his hit song “Azonto” which he featured Tiffany on. After that, he made more waves with different musicians including the likes of Sarkodie and other Ghanaian artistes.

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