Here are nine (9) things KNUST Students can now do when school resumes.

Following the recent happenings of brutality on KNUST campus and the demonstration that followed, the school’s SRC has met, in a dialogue, with school authorities to discuss activities that students want to enjoy on campus.
Following a series of meetings, the SRC came out with some demands which they want students to be enjoying when school resumes.

Here are nine(9) things the students are likely to enjoy when they return to campus.

1.Return to previous hall/college week celebration schedules. All hall celebrations will be celebrated separately.

2. Open engagement with students regularly (Have an open forum with students to get to know their concerns). Also, students will be treated with respect and dignity-unnecessary harassment from any quarters in their residential life will be promptly attended to.

3.Reverse decisions to consolidate/centralise all student association accounts.

4. Complete lift of ban on morale.

5. Accommodate UNITY and UNIVERSITY hall executives. They should be given the respect due them and also recognition to function as constitutionally elected executives.

6. University management to assure students the happening of student brutality by security personnel will not happen and ensure the safety of students on campus.

7. Re-orientation of campus security personnel. Their limits should be well-defined.

8. University to provide medical care for affected brutalised students.

9. That in light of moving forward a reconciliation approach rather than punitive should be adopted. The end goal of the mediation program is to heal the divides involved.

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