KNUST Student Body To Embark On Demonstration

The past few months have been followed with controversy on KUNST campus. The genesis of this controversy could be traced to when the Vice Chancellor of the school, Prof. Obiri Danso ordered the transformation of single sex halls into mixed halls.

Occupants of these halls especially, University Hall (Katanga) and Unity Hall (Conti) didn’t take the news lightly because, according to them it goes against the tradition of these halls. They therefore underwent protests against the decision made by the Vice Chancellor. According to some sources, threats were sent to the Vice Chancellor asking him to change his mind, but apparently the VC doesn’t seem to be changing his mind anytime soon.

Therefore, in the light of increasing security in the school amidst the protests, security personnel have been ordered to deal with any student who seems to be a threat. But this is seriously getting out of hand as many students have been brutalized by the school security with no justifiable reasons. Some of these beatings led to students sustaining serious injuries and having to undergo series of treatments in the hospital.


As an act to address the current situation The Student Representative Council has issued a press release appealing to the student body to embark on a demonstration as a way to show their detest for the unjustifiable acts going on. The demonstration is stated to take place On October 22, 2018.

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