Shatta Wale almost involved in fatal accident.


Shatta Movement president, Shatta Wale on Monday 27th August, was involved in a situation which might have led to his untimely death.

The musician and his team who were returning from a performance at Kyebi which was related to his yet to be released album, “The Reign” scheduled to be released on October 13 2018, were nearly hit by a fast moving VIP bus.


The Dancehall King in a video revealed that a VIP bus driver who was driving recklessly almost crashed into him at dawn as if he was on a mission to kill him.

Shatta Wale condemned the kind of reckless driving drivers exhibit during late night hours that lead to the death of many innocent people.

Already prophecies by some self acclaimed prohphets have come out that Shatta Wale would be killed in a car accident this year. Thankfully he’s still living.

We wish Shatta Wale long life!!!! .

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