Angry Joselyn Dumas blasts UTV.

Succesful actress and mother Joselyn Dumas has engaged rumours going around that she dated John Dumelo for two years.

So no beating about the bush, Joselyn was interviewed by TV personality Abeiku Santana on his show on UTV, Atuu.  During the interview Abeiku Santana asked Joselyn if she ever dated colleague actor John Dumelo. Joselyn replied by saying that she never dated the actor but rather they were very close friends.

Unfortunately, the interview was edited to make it seem Joselyn Dumas said she dated John Dumelo for two years.  This unprofessional act got the actress angry both at Abeiku Santana and Media House, UTV.

She therefore engaged the rumours by stating the truth which is she never dated actor John Dumelo and so the news being spread is false. She lashed out at UTV and Abeiku Santana for displaying unprofessionalism in journalism and even added that such acts are the reason she and some of her colleague actors do not accept interviews from media houses. “Thats why some of us dont grant interviews any more because nobody cares about the truth, just sensationalism and bad journalism hence stagnation in our industry.”

She also went ahead to utter her disapointment, “I am disappointed in Abeiku Santana and his team for editing my interview to indicate some thing I DEFINITELY DIDN’T SAY.”



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