Sarkodie holds Medikal ransom

Who ever thought succesful busy musicians would take time of their busy schedule to sit infront of their television to enjoy some game time?. Well, apparently some do and have even thrown challenges to each other to see who is boss.

Some musicians took to social media to boast of how good they are behind the game pad. Sarkodie, on his twitter page stated how good he was on Playstation 4 and that no one could challenge him.

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After the tweet went viral, comedian, Funny Face, responded to the tweet in a very ammusing manner. He stated that he “lives and sleep with Ps4”, even giving Sarkodie options on how he wanted to play it. Sarkodie took the challenge and arranged a Fifa 18 Play station tournament at his home, with Medikal also a compeptitor.

The results, “Too Risky”, hitmaker Medikal, told his fans on his twittter page that he had won the tournament at Sarkodie’s home and that he was the true king of  gaming. But in  response to Medikal, Sarkodie made mention that there was a recording of the whole game and that if Medikal doesn’t want his fans to know what truely ensued he should “come and pay or we’ll release the video.”

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