Agree Or Not?; These are the 2018 World Cup 10 most handsome players.

So this World Cup has been intriguing with a lot of let downs at the same time a course for celebration for others. However, it would be very unfair to acknowledge the men who make the World Cup very beautiful to watch aesthetically.

So I decided to do some research to put together 10 of the most handsome players the World Cup. You might not agree but let’s give them the credit.

Sit, relax and enjoy as you through the list of the 10 most handsome players in the 2018 World Cup.


  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Known as the lady’s man, Cristiano Ronaldo obviously tops the list today. With the magical smile he can charm any lady he wants to . lol



2. Neymar da Silva Santos Junior

Neymar is the one of the finest players in football having almost all the women “falling” for him. The Brazillian football professional is indeed a hot deal.

3. Oliver Giroud .

This French player is known as the “French Beckham” for his sense of style and stunning body. He cannot be left out of the list.



4. Gerard Pique

Pique captures the heart of many with his innocent smile coupled with his beautiful blue eyes.



5. James Rodriguez

The charming James Rodriguez.



6. Isco

Another Spain professional with an amazing outlook.



7. Marco Asensio Willemsen

Charming and talented lad Asensio


8.Marcus Rashford

This guy’s body could make ice melt. Marcus Rashford makes the list today.



9. Youri Tielsman

This smile is worth staring at, people !!!


10.The Iranian Team

It would be totally unfair to pick one out the them when they are all stunning. The Iranian Team killed it in this photo shoot.



Hope you enjoyed it!!!!

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