Historic: Shatta Wale Defends Stonebwoy on Social Media

You can call it history in the music industry as Shatta Wale heartfully defends Stonebwoy on social media.

In a Facebook post by the “Dancehall King” hit maker Shatta Wale defends Stonebwoy, who was trolled by fans of The Shatta Movement. Shatta Wale begged his fans to stop the insults targeted towards Stonebwoy and rather show more love and support.

Stonebwoy performed at the Best of Best Reggae Music Festival in Miami this sunday 27th May. After the performance, he shared a short video of his stage performance n his instagram page. The “Tomorrow” hit maker suffered in the hands of Shatta Wale’s fans as they trolled him for not moving the crowd and performing below average for an “international artist” like himself, in their view of course.


Shatta Wale’s Facebook post:

“Nobody should insult Stonebwoy on his recent performance ..If his fans won’t support us let’s support him anyhow we can ..Ghanaians isn’t it? Let’s educate the Bhim. Shatta movement didn’t start this comparison, they started God knows. Let’s support our own !!! Whoever say shit here BIG F**CK YOU .”

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